Nigeria’s Present Political Configuration Not Working – El-Rufai

By Tony Obiechina, Abuja

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has said that there is an urgent need for restructuring as the current political and social configuration of Nigeria is not working.

According to him, the federal government is bugged down with too many responsibilities which affect its effective operations.

The Kaduna State governor spoke at the ongoing Nigerian Economic Summit on Tuesday in Abuja.

Speaking as a panelist on the topic Rethinking sub-national competitiveness, the Kaduna State governor said, “Our political and national structure does not support emergence of competent political leaders.

“FCT only has 8,000 square kilometers of land and the 36 states take the rest, which means that majority of our problems are solved by states.

“Our federal republic is only by name as so much concentration is on the federal level which makes them ineffective in doing many things.

“Governors are only called chief security officers by names but don’t control the security architecture in the country, as police and military architecture receive orders from the federal level thereby making it difficult for governors to take control.

Preferring solutions to Nigeria’s problems, el-Rufai stated that there is need for overhaul of some laws to enable many states to function effectively.

He said “We may have to go through legislation to reduce the cost of governance by declaring that states should not spend more than the IGR in governance.

“For instance, Lagos State has the revenue to appoint 24 Commissioners and advisers or even more because of their revenue  but Ekiti and other states with smaller revenues may not be able, and as such, laws should be in place to checkmate high cost of spending,”

In her submissions,  Mrs Valerie Azinge stated that Nigeria must have a rethink especially in its judicial processes. 

She called for the decongestion of the appellate courts by allowing cases to be treated at states level.

“We need to decongest our courts for the judicial system to function well.

For example, a land matter in Anambra state should not reach the supreme court in Abuja, states should deal with their cases.

“As such I advocate for judges in the states to deal with cases as well as the need to form state police to steer affairs of security,” she further stated.

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