Nigerian military says Amnesty International’s claim on Baga is misleading

Maj Gen Olukolade

has described as unfair and inaccurate, the effort of Amnesty International to use the unfortunate activities of the terrorists in the north eastern part of the country to find fault with its counter operations as usual.
According to the Defence Headquarters, the frequent misrepresentation on the terrorists activities in the north east could have been avoided if Amnesty International had made meaningful efforts to verify the inciting allegations.
Amnesty International had claimed that the military authorities were aware of the impending terrorists attack on Baga in Borno state but failed to reinforce troops to the town. No fewer than 2000 people were reportedly killed in the town recently.
But, the Director of Defence Information, Major GeneralChris Olukolade, posited that the protection of civilian population is the essence of the entire counter operation.
“It therefore remains the priority in all and indeed, the troops were prepared and duly engaged the terrorists in all the instances referred to by Amnesty International.
“Whatever be the intention, the allegations, at best can only constitute a distractive and misleading commentary or interpretation of the terrorists’ activities, the efforts to curb them and the actual situation on the ground in Nigeria.
“The Nigerian security forces remain willing and capable of discharging the responsibility of defending the country’s territory and people.
“Every intrigue aimed at undermining the nation’s capacity to handle its security challenges will surely fail,” Olukolade said.
The DDI also assured that regular patrols, surveillance, pursuit and actual combat engagement to curtail or forestall terrorists’ activities and threats are conducted.
Olukolade noted that “This has substantially succeeded in preventing, frustrating or minimising the effect of terrorists’ dastardly intentions and actions.
“This also accounts for why the main intention of terrorists attack on Maiduguri and other places could not succeed”.

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