NGO advocates inclusion of more women in governance


Women at a public function in Abuja

ABUJA – An NGO, Love to the World Initiative, has called on the Federal Government to give more women opportunities in governance to impact positively on the society.

Ms Josephine Abraham, Chief Executive Officer of the initiative, also singer and producer of a movie “Girl-Child”, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Abuja.

Abraham, who recently got honorary doctorate degree in Humanity from an American University, said that women have capacity to contribute positively to the development of the country.

“Once a woman with right orientation is given an opportunity in any sphere of life she will excel and create impact in the society.

“We have the capacity to influence our husbands, sons and daughters; and our grown up daughters too have the potential to influence their peers.

“This is because charity begins at home; that home is the woman and there is no home without a woman. Woman contributes more to the upbringing of children from the cradle to adulthood.

“So, the values that are built in those children depend on the values that the woman also have. That is why a lot of attention needs to be paid to women.

“Women need to be included in every endeavour in the society,” she said.

The singer and producer also said that the moment our values shift from gender, ethnicity, religion to humanity, things would change for good.

According to her, when an individual does something good, the society will recognise the effort, irrespective of the gender, religion and origin of that person.

“I think that generally, our values should change from materialism and ethnicity to people. Let us have a sense of community where everyone is recognised for particular contribution to the society.

“We should develop ourselves as women, especially when our parents did not help us.

“Once you develop yourself and have the right values, then you can pass such values to your children.

“When you always criticise a child, he will go out there and start criticising others. So, let’s build the right values and remove violence in speech and attitude.

“When children are brought up with love for others and contribute to the house, they will grow up to impact on the society and environment where they find themselves. All these depend on the woman,” she said.

On the honorary award, the actress said she was excited, adding that it means more responsibilities for her.

She said the award had shown that her good work was appreciated by the institution and society.

“I wake up every day thinking of how I can continue to impact on the world around me and to please God, who gave me the talent and whom am answerable to after I leave this world,” Abraham said.

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