Motor racing: Hamilton’s future comes more into focus after record win

r, but the pandemic has changed the financial landscape for even the biggest companies.

The champion knows no other team can give him what he wants, and no other team will feel like family in the way Mercedes does.

“I don’t think I’m at my peak. I’m in a good area for sure but I still want to continue to race. I don’t know how much longer that will be,” the 35-year-old told Sky Sports television.

“This is a period of time where I’ve got to slowly work out what the future holds.

“All I can say is I plan to be here next year.”

Hamilton’s contract talks have always been something of a saga and this time he has also wanted to be sure of where Wolff’s future lies.

The Austrian, a shareholder in the team, said he and Daimler boss Ola Kaellenius had agreed “to continue with each other”.

“Where we stand today is that everybody has the will to continue,” Wolff told reporters by video conference.

“With Lewis and I it is simply that we are living like hermits and I think our team is particularly disciplined …I was in Monaco last week, but we decided not to meet because the worst that could happen is me dragging corona into our meetings.

“It simply wasn’t the time to sit down and meet. I hope we can finish the next couple of races on a high and then concentrate on the contract.”

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