Marriage won’t stop me from singing – Floxy

Unlike most people would never for sure, say what their future would look like, Ebonyi State born singer, Chinwendu Florence Izuchukwu [AKA Floxy] is certainly sure that with or without marriage, she would still be doing music.

Floxy on stage
Floxy on stage

Floxy is presently based in spoke to on the subject matter in Owerri, said that she doesn’t have any plans of not being involved with music in any part of her life.
She admitted that she is aware that most African men would never love to have their wives living a public life, but she is ready to live on that side because there is always someone for everyone.
“I’m not thinking about getting married tomorrow or next, but I’m very much aware that there is always someone for everyone and that’s the only person can understand and accept you for you are.
Aside music, we are people; I’m a daughter and just a girl living my dream. I want to be a mother like my own mum. I want to raise my children and watch them grow with wonderful ideals, but I’m not going to sacrifice my music for that” She said.
The ‘Bad Man Thing’ crooner also admitted that the lives of celebrities are filled with complications, but then she said “The real person lives in the heart. You are who you are there. Anything and even the devil could make a relationship fail, but we always have God who can get anything working again even when it seemed very impossible to men.
I understand thousands will want you, but you will settle for one. It’s still the same thing with every normal girl, even after marriage, men will still admire you on the road”
Floxy who is still promoting her last single ‘Bad Man Thing’, said she wished things were easier and better for her.
“I always wish I had this or that. I always wish I was this or that. But the truth is that I must work for anything that I want and it’s only the grace of God that has kept me going this far.
I want to have videos, be the number one face and stuffs like that. But at the end, I want to be a happy good girl” she added.

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