Libyan parliament postpones vote of confidence on interim govt. – Reports

The Libyan parliament was to hold a vote of confidence on the new government under interim Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah but the procedure has been postponed to March 9.

The reported on Monday.

Lawmakers representing warring sides of Libya have gathered in the city of Sirte to debate on a unity government.

The parliament, as well as all other state institutions, has been split for years as the country is divided between the Government of National Accord, based in the capital Tripoli, and a rival administration supported by the Libyan National Army.

According to Al Arabiya, the parliament will now debate giving confidence to Dbeibah’s government on Tuesday.

A -selected political dialogue forum voted in Geneva in early February to elect a temporary executive for Libya a three-member Presidency Council and a prime minister will lead the country toward national elections in December.

Dbeibah has recently submitted a list of ministerial nominees to the parliament. (dpa/)

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