Liberian With Ebola Viral Disease Is Dead- Minister


A Liberian with a suspected case of Ebola Virus who arrived Lagos on Tuesday is dead, the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu has confirmed.

Speaking on Friday, the Minister recalled that the 40 year old male, who arrived Nigeria aboard Asky Airline via Lome to Lagos, was presented with fever, vomiting and diarrhoea on arrival at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.

He said the passenger was immediately handed over by the airline to the Port Health Services of the Federal Ministry of Health who quickly isolated him and transported him straight to the hospital, avoiding contact with the general public.

Onyebuchi, also confirmed that the patient was subjected to thorough evaluation where laboratory investigations were also carried out. His blood sample was taken to the advanced laboratory at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital which confirmed the diagnosis of Ebola Virus Disease. The result was corroborated by other laboratories outside Nigeria.
The Minister stated further, “Despite the urgent specialized barrier nursing care provided for the patient in a Lagos Hospital, the patient unfortunately passes away in the early hours of 25/7/2014
“The federal ministry of health is presently working with other ministries, agencies and international organizations as well as the Lagos state government to prevent the possible spread of the virus.
“All the passengers that the patient came in contact with have been traced and are being investigated.
“All ports of entry into Nigeria including airports, seaports and land boarders are placed on red alert. Ministry of health specialists have been positioned in all entry points. Active surveillance has also been stepped up
“This passenger is a Liberian, an official of the government of Liberia. He was invited by the ECOWAS commission for an international meeting of all ECOWAS states holding in Calabar, in NIgeria. And so he was coming for that meeting.
“He comes to the Murtala Mohammed airport on July 22, that was his first time on this visit to Nigeria. It was right there that the problem was noticed because we have maintained our surveillance.

“And immediately, he went into the custody of the port health services of the Federal ministry of health so there was no time for him to mingle in Lagos. He has not been in touch with any other person again since we took him from the airport. We are already working with the airline.

“We have already gotten in touch with all the passengers. We are monitoring and investigating then according to layed down protocol
“On the issue of whether the patient has had a relative who died of Ebola, we are getting information, we are trying ti confirm that and be sure. We are working with the Liberian authorities; we are working with WHO to confirm every bit of information coming to us.
We are working with the Liberia authorities; we are working with WHO to confirm every bit of”.

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  1. In trying to do a perfect job, Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu is being too much of an alarmist than a real problem solver. His expressions are now being twisted and turned by the Western media to cause fear and uncertainty.

    Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu and his other colleagues in Africa, should focus on finding out and publicizing how a rare disease, that occasionally erupted in the Congo jungle, becomes so rampant in West Africa. These viruses just don’t fall out from the sky. It is quite likely that some mischievous group is deliberately propagating.

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