Iraqi security forces confident of safe parliamentary elections

Iraqi security forces says the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group will not be able to disrupt Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Iraq.

Tahsin al-Khafaji, a spokesman for the joint command, on Thursday told dpa in Baghdad, that the Islamic State no longer posed a threat.

“We are in a position to protect citizens and polling stations,’’ al-Khafaji said.

“Iraqis will choose a new parliament on Sunday, the second of such vote since the government declared a victory over Islamic State almost four years ago.

“A large contingent of security forces will be deployed for the parliamentary elections.

“According to the leadership, more than 250,000 troops will be mobilised to secure the vote and will provide access to the more than 8,000 polling stations.

“Islamic State will try to stop the process but it will not be able to.’’

The terrorist militia has been weakened after its military defeat in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

Cells of the extremists remain active and regularly carry out attacks. (dpa/)

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