Irabor To Club Owners: You Are Not Fit To Run League

Nduka Irabor

By Gracious Akujobi

The Chairman of the League Management Company (LMC) Nduka Irabor has lambasted the club owners, saying they are the major problem of the Nigerian league.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Prompt News Online from the United States of America, Irabor said the Nigeria Professional Football League would be better managed by good administrators rather than the Club Owners.

“There is no way running of the league will go back to the hands of the Club Owners. They were just busy making money for themselves and did not care for whatever happened to the players and the league.

“I mean the league in Nigeria should have grown up to attracting $100 million USD sponsor-ship if the Club Owners have done the right thing. How can someone who has never seen $1 million USD be able to manage $100 million USD?”

“Club owners would be restricted to managing their clubs while the management of the league should be left in the hands of good managers” said the ex-legislator.

Speaking further, Irabor said that it was his conviction that the Nigeria Football Federation meant well for the league that made him accept the offer to be the chairman of the LMC while reiterating the fact that there was no way Club Owners can sack or remove him from his job as  LMC boss.

The Delta-born Irabor said that he is not the kind of person that get involved in something that is not serious adding that he knew that NFF had a good project when they formed the LMC and that was why he did not hesitate to accept the offer.  

He pooh, poohed insinuations that he is jobless and needed the LMC job, stressing that he has a flourishing business that he is managing alongside the league.

“The $34 million sponsor ship broadcast right deal the LMC signed with Super Sports was just the beginning of better things to come for Nigeria football” he concluded




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