Ibadan Prayer Walk Group Holds End of Year Walk Exercise

The Ibadan Prayer Walk Group held its end of the year prayer walk exercise at the Lekan Salami Stadium on Saturday 21st December 2019.
Speaking at the programme, the co-ordinator, Pastor Oluwatosin Olunuga gave thanks to God for the group, which membership has grown tremendously in number and in health in the past year.
The Prayer Walk initiative is an inter-denominational christian health club aimed at promoting the physical and spiritual health of members by combining simple physical exercises with prayers. It is aimed at individuals who desire the opportunity for light outdoor exercises like walking and jogging, with the added benefit of engaging in corporate prayer activities all at the same time.

Ibadan Prayer Walk Group Exercise in session

The group was started in 2019 and has grown to include members in the major cities of Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan and Kano. Exercise sessions are held at these locations twice a month and the group is already seeking expansion to new locations in the coming year.
One of the participants, a seasoned banker, Mrs Bukky Owoeye, summarized the event as an opportunity to engage in deep meditation while Mr. Gbenga Ati, a basketball enthusiast remarked on the benefits of The Total Man achieved by regular exercise of the spirit, soul and body.
Pastor Olunuga said that the theme of the event, “Finishing Strong” was divinely chosen to encourage Nigerians not to relent but to persevere and be prayerful while confronting challenges. 
The group hopes to organize more events in the new year and bring the initiative closer to the general public.

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