Groups warn CACOL against Fashola

Gov Babatunde Fashola
Gov Babatunde Fashola

A pressure group, All Progressives Youth (APY) and Peoples Mandate has flayed the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) for writing a petition to the National Assembly against the nomination of the immediate past Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN), as Minister for Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In a release made available to Journalist, APY and PM alleged that the petition was “a mischievous attempt by CACOL, in conjunction with some disgruntles elements in APC and People Democratic Party (PDP) Lagos Chapter to discredit notable achievements of the former governor in Lagos State.”

The release, signed by APY National Cordinator and PM Secretary General, Comrade Ayeni Samuel Oluwaseun and Yusuf Okewale respectively, added that CACOL and the PDP were working together in an attempt to drag Fashola’s name in the mud and to stop his nomination by mischievous means after the attempts on him in recent time have been ment with stiff opposition and the truth states of things have been revealed.

“The continued attack on the person and government of Babatunde Fashola by CACOL is a mischievous one. From our findings so far, we have found out that the former governor is not corrupt when he led State and the anti-corruption agencies in the country can also attest to the fact that Fashola’s is a man of high integrity that served the state with all his energy that deserve our recommendation but not condemnation has been orchestrated against him by CACOL.

“It is disheartening to read a disgusting petition from CACOL against a man who worked tirelessly to move Lagos State forward,” the group said.

The groups however warned CACOL to desist from its “anti-Fashola stand”, advising that posterity and the people of Lagos State should be allowed to judge the former governor.

The groups said further in the statement: “We wish to warn CACOL to halt this hatred for a man of impeccable character and discipline who deserves commendation and encouragement so as to do more in serving his father at the Federal level.

“The groups used the medium to beacon on all our distinguished Senators of Federal Republic of Nigeria not to allow a petition from some elements that are valueless to the society to stop them in carrying out there mandate.

We warned CACOL henceforth to desist from acting the script of disgruntle elements in APC and PDP as all signs point to the fact that there is an understanding between CACOL and these enemy of progress.

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