Greenpeace protest at G7 meeting demands end to fossil fuel use

Greenpeace on Friday called on the G7 group of industrialised nations to rapidly end its dependence on oil.

It also called for the end of dependence on gas and coal in a demonstration on a Baltic Sea beach in the northern German town of Wangels, where the G7 foreign ministers were meeting.

The environmental advocacy group held a large banner reading G7: Exit Fossils, Enter Peace.

“Seventeen activists dressed in overalls also formed a peace sign in the sand.

“The revenues from oil, coal and gas are financing Russia’s war against Ukraine,” said Greenpeace climate expert Lisa Göldner.

Fossil fuel emissions were also fuelling the climate crisis, which in turn was exacerbating other crises and conflicts, she added.

The climate crisis was multiplying risks such as the growing scarcity of water and food, Göldner said, noting that this would further endanger global security.

The best way to prevent war and crises was to expand renewable energy sources,” she argued. (dpa/NAN)

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