Gov Uzodinma set to implement 3R agenda

By Harry Awurumibe, , Abuja 

Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma has disclosed that his government will commence the implementation of  his three Rs- Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery agenda which was the cardinal points on which he campaigned for votes in the next three days. 

Speaking to the Correspondents today after paying a courtesy  visit to President at Presidential Villa,  Abuja, Uzodinma vowed to fulfil his campaign promises to Imo people.  

“You will agree with me that I campaigned on three Rs which are Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery. With what happened two days ago at the Imo State Civil Service Secretariat is part of the recovery. We also now try to design an implementation plans for those promises we made.    

He therefore revealed  that, “In less than three, four days now I will bring out my implementation plans timelines. God willing, we will have adequate funding and we would follow that document judiciously and I am sure Imo people will be better off for it. And I will bring prosperity to the state”.

The former Senator representing Imo West in Nigeria’s Senate who accompanied to see the President by APC national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole also restated that he will work for the Imolites as he said he is determined to serve the people.   

“My mandate is about the people and my government will just be about the people. And by the grace of God I will not disappoint them and I ‘m sure they will see good governance from a man with experience working in consultation with political stakeholders in the state, I think we can do things differently and it will be acceptable to the people of Imo State” 

Uzodinma also dismissed the notion that he was helped to get to the position by said, “first and foremost I want to thank God that the mandate freely given to me by my people have been returned through the Supreme ”. 

On the challenges facing him in Imo state as a new Governor, the Orlu- born politician said he is on top of things and will overcome.  

 “Secondly, I understand very clearly the challenges and the situation in Imo State. Even before now, only few days ago when I got to Imo State I discovered that salaries were not paid in full and the reason being that the money coming from Abuja, the Federation Account was not sufficient”.          “What I did was to cut down the running cost and forfeited the Vote meant for the Governor so that let there be money and we were able to pay salary to all the civil servants. I also directed that Local Government Areas Funds to be sent straight to the Local Governments until such a time that the state is ready to release 10% of their IGR to the Local Governments so we can now begin to do the business of JAC (Joint Allocation Committee).

” I am sure for 12 years visited the Civil Service secretariat (Imo State Secretariat) but I was their two days ago, so your colleagues went with me, and water has not been available at the secretariat for the past 9 years. Two days after my visit water is running there now. And they have been connected back to electricity and all the generators are being worked upon”.

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