Germany, Nigeria Take Energy Partnership To Greater Height

Merkel empfängt Jonathan


In the framework of the annual conference of the German-Nigerian Energy-

Partnership, both countries on Tuesday in Abuja, signed a document which ensures the continuation of the existing very fruitful energy partnership.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Power, Dr. Godknows B. Igali, and German State Secretary of the Federal Foreign Office, Prof . Dr. Braun, signed the document on behalf of Nigeria and Germany respectively.

In 2008, the Partnership was established and is being continued for a second term which will run at least for the next five years.

The partnership include the construction of the Geregu I and II gas power plant by Siemens in Kogi State, which was only recently commissioned by President Jonathan, the continued work by E.ON against the flaring of gas (reduces green house gas emissions, prevents waste of valuable resource) and the preliminaries of solar power projects (pv) totaling over 500 MW in the north, some of which are planned to enter construction stage next year.

In his address during the signing ceremony German State Secretary Braun underlined the mutual interest in the Partnership. He praised the reform of the regulatory framework for the energy sector in Nigeria, including the privatization process which has opened the door for growing business-to-business engagement and an increase in investments in Nigeria’s power generation“.

Mentioning the necessity to establish in Nigeria a broader and more stable energy supply as a prerequisite for sustainable development, economic prosperity and political stability, Prof. Braun offered German cooperation which might benefit the different regions of Nigeria: „German technology does not only power state-of-the-art gas power plants in the South, but can also contribute to the electrification of even the most remote areas in the North through stand-alone solar units.”

State Secretary Braun also drew the attention to the recently launched “Nigerian Energy Support Programme” in which Germany and the European Union together will channel 24 million Euro to the development of Nigeria’s electricity sector over the next five years, supporting the provision of renewable energy and the electrification of rural areas, as well as the uptake of energy efficiency measures.


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