Gbong Gwom Jos to Osinbajo: No doubt, you’re capable

The Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Gyang Buba, says Vice President Yemi Osinbajo with his experience over the years, has the capacity to lead Nigeria.

Buba, who is the Chairman, Plateau State Traditional Council of Chiefs and Emirs, expressed this view while receiving the vice president who paid a courtesy call to the palace on Tuesday in Jos, Plateau.

Osinbajo was in Plateau in furtherance of his consultations with All Progressives Congress (APC) stakeholders ahead of the party’s presidential primaries.

Buba said that the traditional council in Plateau appreciated the vice president’s visit to intimate it of his aspiration to lead this country.

“And we have no doubt to the fact that you are able and capable having been vice president for seven years and in your own words, you worked closely with the president and it adds to the fact that you truly know the in and out of governance.

“We also appreciate the fact that you are aware of the challenges that Nigeria is going through.

“These challenges are issues that have accumulated over the years and have gotten to this stage.

“But we will like to say that those in government and all of us cannot fold our hands and give up on the issues;  we must synergise and work together so that we can overcome these challenges by the Grace of God Almighty.’’

Buba appealed to politicians to eschew bitterness and engage in rancour-free campaign not to create more tension in the country.

He assured the vice president that the Plateau State Council of Chiefs and Emirs, wished him success and prayed that God would give Nigeria the best.

“And we want to appeal to not only you but all the politicians to reduce the tension that is building up because of 2023 elections.

“Because the issues we are going through today,  if we add unnecessary tension, then it may not augur well for the country and the election we are looking forward to.

“And so, we appeal for civility in the campaigns and in the conduct of all politicians but don’t  want to aggravate situation to worsen what we are already through.

“But what we know about you, we believe you will be at the head of those championing the calls for a peaceful campaign that will translate into a very peaceful election;

“And God in his infinite mercy, we know will not give up on Nigeria and so He will by His Grace, assign a leader that will truly serve him through serving Nigeria,’’ he said.

Earlier in his remarks, Osinbajo thanked the traditional ruler and his council for their courtesy and warm reception.

He said he was in the state to meet APC  delegates, who would be the electorate at the party’s presidential primaries scheduled for the end of the month.

He said his aspiration was borne out of his zeal to serve Nigerians and improve their fortunes.

“The primaries, of course, are to select the presidential flag bearer of our party.

“And on April 11, I had formally declared my intention to run for the position of the president.

“That decision was on account of the fact, first that I desire deeply to serve this country; to serve the people of this country, especially the man on the street, the common man.

“ My desire is to serve this country truthfully, to serve this country very honestly and transparently; to take this country to the best possible place.

“This is a country of great resources; this is a country of tremendous potential; this is a country that if we stay united, we can be one of the greatest countries not just in the continent but in the world.’’

He said that he had served seven years as vice president under President Muhammadu Buhari, who had been extremely transparent and completely open to him in practically all aspects of governance.

The vice president said that there was no aspect of governance that the president kept away from him.

“I have also, within the period, acted as president when the president was away on medical leave or regular vacation.

“So, in the real sense, I am rather well trained if may say so with great humility as a potential president of this country.

“And I will like to say that all I want and ask…because we are not in the palace to politick but we of course to state our reason for being here; what I will desire of you, is your prayers and best wishes.’’

Osinbajo added that he believed that working with the traditional institution, his presidency would bring about a more secure, economically viable and peaceful country.

Speaking with newsmen after meeting with APC delegates, Osinbajo said he had a healthy engagement with the delegates on a wide range issues- economy, security, healthcare among others.

“I think it helped us to better understand some of the issues that are prevalent; what are the plans going forward to make our country more secure and more prosperous,’’ he said. (NAN)

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