Foundation focuses on education, health and empowerment of the needy

Mr. Olusegun Agboola, addressing a press conference in Ibadan, on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021.

A non-governmental organisation, Mafoya Oluwa Mbe Foundation, is to be launched in Ibadan to focus on education, health and empowerment of the needy.

The foundation was initiated by the family of the late Chief Ezekiel Amoo Agboola in memory of the late patriarch.

Speaking during a press conference organised  on Thursday by the family, coordinator of the project, Mr Olusegun Agboola, who is also one of the sons of the late patriarch, explained that the project is aimed at moving the late patriarch’s philanthropic legacy forward.

He added that in a bid to carry out the activities of the foundation, an intervention philanthropic fund would be launched to provide succour to the needy.

Agboola stated that the name, “Mafoya Oluwa Mbe” is coined from the Bible verse and literal translation of Isaiah 41:10 in the Yoruba language, which instructs that “we should not fear, lose hope or be dismayed and affirms God’s presence to all in times of distress and to know the God Almighty is there to provide succour and help.”

He said available statistics indicated that Nigeria has about 12 million out of school children, with Oyo State having about 10 percent of that huge number, adding that a lot would be done in order to help the government reverse the trend.

The coordinator added that one of the areas the foundation intended to give support to indigents students and out-of-school students is through education support grant.

He said: “The government alone cannot provide affordable education to the teeming population in our dear state. We hope to make our own contribution in assisting indigent students who otherwise may not have the required help.”

He further said the foundation would also help in the provision of qualitative healthcare by giving assistance to the government.

“The ongoing pandemic has exposed the lack of infrastructure and institutional approach to the provision of healthcare in the country. The main social good of providing qualitative care needs private participation as has been recently demonstrated and this cannot be left alone even if all we can do is to assist the efforts of our government and public officials.

“Our people are naturally resourceful and enterprising .The level of poverty due to the collective unattended riches of our nation makes it dire and pitiful ,that our country only ranks among the poorest nations of the world when there are Natural endowments to put us in the comity of prosperous nations. Providing the needed leg-up for the indigents will also be one of the efforts of the foundation.”

While he noted that an endowment fund of N101 million would be raised to fund the project, Agboola added that the foundation would seek the partnership, support and assistance in the fulfillment of its mandate.

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