Expert Canvasses Use of ICT to Boost Health Sector


Nigeria’s has great potential to grow the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by six to eleven percent if Information Communication Technology (ICT) is properly deployed.
This was the submission of a Canada-based ICT expert, Mr. Adekunle Ajiboye, who also stressed the importance of e-health if the country is to fully enjoy the optimum benefit of the universal coverage target set by the country.
According to the Chief Executive Officer of Aajimatics, an ICT firm with work in health sector, it is high time Nigeria embraces global best practices, by deploying ICT in the like every other sectors.
Mr. Ajiboye spoke further on the benefits of e-health, saying it “has the potential to at least jump start the of country by between six to eleven percent as well as create more jobs for the teeming youth in the country.
His words, “E-health is a sort of innovation, which is aimed at fast tracking health attendance in the country.”
Mr Ajiboye noted that deployment of ICT will not only increase efficiency but also improve the experience of patients in hospital.
He said, “This can increase efficiency, this can improve the experience of patients in the hospital. That is the contribution we want to make to the economy, society and the country.
“It will help revenue; there will be auditing of revenue accurately. It helps in administration of health insurance; it improves efficiency for the patient and the physician.
“For example, if a physician was seeing four patients per hour, with our system they will be able to see eight. The quality of health care development is even more than with the paper.
“For example, a patient with diabetes might forget everything the doctor said before getting home, in this system everything will be put in your card.
“When you get home, you can plug it into your phone or your computer and see what the doctor wants you to know about your disease.
“So, the key things are financial, health care administration, patient experience, efficiencies in health care development.”
He cited what is obtainable in Canada and US, saying 13 per cent of the in America are health driven, stressing that one out of every ten jobs in America or Canada is health care related.
“We have a physician to patient ratio of 4 to 10,000, Nigeria has less than 50,000 physicians from inception to date.
“Out of the 50,000 physicians, 28,000 are practicing outside Nigeria leaving us with less than 25,000 so you can imagine the burden upon the physicians,” he lamented.

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