Euro 2020 squads to consist of 26 instead of 23 players

Squads for the upcoming European championships will consist of 26 instead of 23 players owing to the coronavirus, the ruling body UEFA confirmed on Tuesday.

“To mitigate the risks of teams facing a shortage of available players due to possible positive tests and subsequent quarantine measures, it has been decided to exceptionally increase the squads for all participating teams,” UEFA said in a statement.

The 24 teams at the June 11 to July 11 tournament in 11 cities must nominate their squad by June 1.

Players can then be replaced before the team’s first match in case of injury or illness such as a infection.

UEFA said that matchday squads will remain at 23 players.

Under special coronavirus rules teams can also make five instead of three substitutions, like in past internationals and matches.

The ruling body also published coronavirus regulations for the tournament.

Matches are to go ahead if a team has at least 13 healthy players, including a goalkeeper.

Matches can also be rescheduled by 48 hours if a team does not have 13 players.

Furthermore, teams responsible for matches not taking place face forfeiting them if they cannot be rescheduled.(dpa/NAN)

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