English clubs spent highest combined amount on international transfers, FIFA’s analysis shows

English clubs again had the highest combined spending on international transfers during this summer’s window, analysis by football governing body FIFA has found.

According to the world governing body’s International Transfer Snapshot published on Tuesday, in the men’s game English clubs spent a total of 3.72 billion dollars between June 1 and Aug. 31

As was the case in the statistics for last summer’s window, England topped the list.

This was with a figure that was greater than that of the countries who were second and third put together.

In this case were Italy and France at 473.8 million dollars and 428.9m million dollars respectively.

The figure for England’s total spending was down from 4.02 billion dollars for the 2020 summer window.

This included Romelu Lukaku rejoining Chelsea from Inter Milan for a reported 97.5 million pounds (134.5 million dollars) and Jadon Sancho to Manchester United from Borussia Dortmund for 73 million pounds.

England also led the way once more in terms of the amount of incoming transfers, with the number dropping from 485 last year to 380, and outgoing ones, down from 524 to 494.

Regarding money received from transfer fees, England was third with 409.8 million dollars while German clubs recuperated the most, 462.7 million dollars.

The report said the overall total spending on fees in the men’s game had dropped by 7.5 per cent from 2020, from 4.02 billion dollars to 3.72 billion dollars.

The figure had been a record-breaking 5.8 billion dollars in 2019, prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of international transfers agreed was very similar to last year, at 7,748 compared to 7,771, with 6,549 having fees, compared to 6,498 in the 2020 statistics.

In the women’s game, the total number of international transfers completed was 576, representing an 8.7 per cent increase from 2020 (530).

The number of deals involving a fee was up by 72.2 per cent, jumping from 18 to 31.

The total spending on transfer fees was 1.24 million dollars, the first time that figure had exceeded 1 million dollars.

That was a 51.4 per cent increase on the 2020 sum.(dpa/NAN)

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