Effium/Ezza-Effium Renewed Crisis: Group Accuses Ezzas of Hiring Mercenaries

By Udo Akam-Alo, ABAKALIKI

Effium Development Union (Agege Branch), Lagos, has blamed the renewed Effium/Ezza- Effium intra-communal crisis in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, on Ezza people and hired mercenaries.

reports that the renewed crisis occasioned by misunderstanding arising from the Community motor park, has sent thousands to their graves, leaving properties worth trillions of naira destroyed.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the Development Union, described the Ezzas as ingrates and confused occupants of their land.

The statement reads: “It is on record that the Ezzas are the ones attacking and killing. They have attacked Wobia, Enwenyi and Waatuna villages twice. They also burnt down Effium High School Effium and Community Secondary School Effium.

“We have seen that the same way it is difficult for the Ezzas in Effium to accept peace moves, the same way it is difficult for them to understand their genealogy and generational lines.

“The Ezzas in Effium are confused generation. At some points, they call themselves, Ezza-Effium. At another, Effium Indigenes of Ezza Ezekuna Extraction. Yet another, Igbo speaking Effium. No cohesion at all, no agreement, in whatever they do.

“The Effium people had occupied the Effium land as far back as the 13th century. In the map of old Ogoja division, Effium is located there. Rather than be more grateful to the Effiumites for accepting them in the 19th century, even when others rejected them, they now want to craftly claim indigenes

“It is on record of 1911 that Effium people were persuaded to accept to marry the Ezzas and allow them cultivate our virgin lands. Again for 7 years, we fed these ungrateful Ezzas before giving lands to begin to cultivate.

“Infact, how can they address us as migrants when the old Anambra state wrote on 16th August 1976 to clarify Ishielu Division and referred to Ezzas as migrants and shifting in population and cannot be considered autonomous towns in their host in Ishielu Division; Effium inclusive.

“Our attention has been drawn to and we have noted the lies-filled press release by the so called Ezza-Effium Consultative Assembly held on 8th March, 2021 and have decided to put the record straight with substantial evidence.

“We are also concerned that rather than caution their Ezza warriors have continually flouted several government directives on ceasefire or proffer solutions for an end to the unnecessary crises, the assembly went on to encourage their warriors to continue the destruction and killing of Effium people. Little wonder barely 24 hours after the press release, Watuma village was attacked again, Mr. Agena Udeh and four others were killed and several houses set ablaze.

“In trying to swap actions to cover their unspeakable actions and tarnish the image of the Effium people, the assembly stated that while in a separate and joint meeting with His Excellency, the Governor of Ebonyi state, on 23rd and 24th February 2021 respectively, reports of attack by Effium warriors at Ugoeze/Onueroro and Okpobashi respectively, came in. They were quick to mention the purported number of lives lost without name.”

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