Edo 2020: 10 Athletes confirmed Covid-19 Positive

Covid-19 test kits

By Abah Andrew

The incident Manager Response, Dr. Obi has revealed that 10 athletes have tested positive of and the carrier have been moved to Stella Isolation Centrein Benin.

He said the affected persons are being managed by the medical team at the centre.

“So far, we have ten persons tested positive and seven of them have been moved to the Stella Isolation Center. They will be there taking their doses until they’re declared fit enough to get back into the public.” Dr Obi confirmed.

Obi confirmed that athletes and officials of Team Kogi conducted their PCR tests before coming to Edo for the tournament. Though, this is against the Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello strong conviction that there is no in the state.

The athletes stated that they were forced into conducting the PCR tests. And when they went through the test, no one tested positive.

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