Confab Committee Wants Police Affairs Ministry Scrapped

Jelili Adesiyan

The Committee on National Security has recommended the scrapping of the Ministry of Police Affairs, which it said should be replaced with the creation of the Ministry of Homeland Security.

The new ministry, if created, would coordinate activities of the National Guard, Nigerian Police Force, Civil Defence Corps, and the Nigerian Prisons Service.

However, following in the footsteps of the Committee on Devolution of Power, it said in its recommendations that the present centralised police structure should remain although it should be reformed to make it more effective and representative of the federal character.

Also, the Police Council would remain the body responsible for force policy, finances, organisation and standards.

It would also play a far greater role in shaping the aims and objectives of the service and would be responsible for the appointment of the Inspector- General of Police on the advice of the Police Service Commission.

In the same vein, the Police Service Commission would continue to be responsible for appointment, promotion and discipline of all officers below the IGP except the operational control of the Force which is vested in the IGP.

It is expected to be independent enough to guard against nepotism in recruitment, discipline and promotion and the dominance of the service by any single or few ethnic groups.

The Committee has also recommended the creation of Nigerian National Guard Corps to handle internal conflicts and border control. Within it would be established a Rapid Response Force to deal with emergencies at all levels of government.

Still within the Ministry of Homeland Security would be established a VIP Protection Department and the creation of Security and Intelligence Services Inspectorate and Disciplinary Service Commission.




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