Chinese Company Donates 700,000 Boxs of ACT drugs to Nigeria


Prof Adewole meeting with Mr Roa and his delegation
Prof Adewole meeting with Mr Roa and his delegation

CGC Nigeria Ltd, a Chinese Construction Company based in Nigeria has partnered with Chinese government  to donate 700,000 boxes of ACT drugs to Nigeria.

Mr. Ricky Roa made this known  in Abuja when he led a delegation from CGC Nigeria Limited to the Hon. Minister of Health Prof. Isaak Adewole.

Mr. Roa said that the Chinese President has announced his country’s plan to embark on 10 major projects to boost China’s cooperation with Africa, Nigeria inclusive, in the next three years.

It was in view of the above that the Chinese Government decided to provide anti-malaria drugs to Africa and also to support local production of the drugs to increase access to medicine.

“The aim of our coming here today is to donate 700,000 boxs of anti-malaria drugs to Nigeria in this year 2016 and we are going to donate more in next two years”, Mr. Roa said.

He said Chinese Government would help Africa strengthen its public health prevention and control system as well as its capacity building in health related matters.

In his response the Hon. Minister of Health Prof. Isaaac  Adewole appreciated the CGC Nigeria limited and Chinese government for supporting Nigeria health system.

However, he said that Nigerian Government would be grateful if the Chinese Government could also support with the other components of malaria elimination programme.

He said  “we would be grateful if your organizations can assist  us with mosquito nets, and laviciding, you know to really eliminate malaria in the country we must go for multiple approaches diagnosis and treatment is one but we must also look at prevention, how do we prevent the mosquitos from biting, that is where the mosquito nets come in and  laviciding, we want to kill all lava from stagnant water and so on”.

The Minister further call on the Chinese Government to also assist in training of Doctors, Nurses and other medical personnel, adding that they should also support and strengthen Nigeria laboratory facilities so that it could diagnose viral disease and  prevent it.

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