China leads global recovery amid pandemic, says Spanish expert

Xulio Rios, Director of the Observatory of Chinese Politics in Spain said China has played a leading role in global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predicted in its latest economic outlook that China would register a 1.8-per cent growth in 2020, the only major economy to record a positive performance.

Rios said similar projections from other organisations such as the Bank of China Research Institute and the International Monetary Fund have highlighted the fact that China has served as a major engine of the world economy amid the pandemic.

He noted that COVID-19 resurgences and uncertainties still pose a threat to the world, adding that China has brought the world hope of a sustained global recovery.

According to the expert, China has not only taken domestic measures to control the pandemic and restart its economy, but also sent strong messages of promoting cooperation to the international community.

“We have seen this in recent meetings such as the G20, APEC or the BRICS (meetings) and also in the recent signing of the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) agreement.

“China has demonstrated that the correct response at this time should be the strengthening of cooperation and multilateralism.

“Stressing the weakened world, economy requires a positive and constructive approach from main global economies.’’

Rios however called for closer cooperation between China and the European Union (EU).

He said China and the EU need to send a positive signal to the international community during these difficult times. (Xinhua/NAN)

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