Buhari urges police to embrace policing devoid of complicity

 President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday in Abuja called on the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force to embrace policing devoid of complicity in their efforts to ride the country of crimes.

Buhari made the call at the inauguration of police operational and combat vehicles, national command and control headquarters and the police crime and accident database centre.

He said the call was to ensure that policing in the country was in line with the vision of his administration to bequeath a legacy of a reformed, modernised, fully equipped and highly motivated police force.

“I charge the leadership of the police to continue to give new orientation to officers of the force to enable them appreciate the virtues of policing within the dictates of the law.

“This is to ensure that the institution regain its position of confidence and respect from Nigerians.

“You must take cognisance of the fact that, in the discharge of your duties, you should not only be judged by the number of crimes you stopped and the number of conviction you secured.

“You must also, be judged by the extent to which the process of your achievement conform professionally with legal standards,” he said.

He said that the security of lives and property of Nigerians was a constitutional responsibility of government hence, it remained a top priority in the agenda of his administration.

Buhari said that the police was central in meeting the constitutional obligations, adding that it was for this reason that his administration always prioritise the police as a critical agency in the internal security architecture of the country.

”I am glad to note that the leadership of the police has keyed into the Federal Government next level agenda to strengthen institutional capacity towards addressing internal security challenges.

“I also note that there are reforms being undertaken by the Inspector General of Police as well as strategies being put in place to guarantee the efficiency of the force.

“I am particularly impressed with the technology-led and the intelligence-driven models combined to bring about the stabilisation of the security situation in the country.

“I am confident with the strategies in place and the quality of leadership being provided with the current police force will bridge the gap between the citizens and the police,” he added.

Mr Mohammed Adamu, Inspector General of Police (IGP), said the vehicles and facilities were procured to enhance the operational capacity of the force towards coping with the dynamics of crimes.

“Assembled here for the president’s commissioning are 139 Hilux patrol vehicles including 46 Police Smart Surveillance with CCTV Camera on the move vehicles.

“Others are 11 Tactical Operations vehicles, fitted with state of the art surveillance equipment, nine Armoured Personnel Carriers, 5 Troop Carriers and seven Anti-Riot Water Cannon Trucks.

“Also, to be commissioned are the Nigeria Police National Command and Control Centre and Accident Database Centre,” he said.

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