Buhari to Nigerian youth: If you want jobs, behave yourself

President Muhammadu Buhari

By Segun Oye, IBADAN

President Muhammadu Buhari has said pointedly that nobody will invest in a country that is not secured.

Consequently, Mr Buhari has admonished Nigerian youth to behave themselves so that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) could come for them to be gainfully employed.

The President was responding to a question on how to attract FDI to generate jobs for the teeming Nigerian youths during an exclusive interview he granted Arise News TV and monitored by Prompt News on Thursday morning.

His words, “This question was answered during the ENDSARS. I called members of the Executive Council on a Wednesday, I said each one of you should go your state, speak to the governor, speak with the traditional leaders, speak to the business people and the youths and tell them that the federal government, no more vacancy, it’s full.

“You may have a good degree but you may die without even a job.

“Why? Because nobody is going to invest in an insecure environment. So, I told them that they should tell the youths if they want jobs, they will behave themselves, make sure Nigeria is secured so that people can come here and invest.

“Nigerians are resourceful, people know it, God has endowed us. I told them who will invest his money in an unstable environment?

“Nobody will, it is just common sense. So, behave yourself, you make Nigeria secure and people will invest.”

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