Brazil Protests: England On Stand-by To Host 2014 World Cup

England Stadium


By: Bolaji Oyegunle, London



Due to civil unrest in Brazil, next year’s World Cup may be held in if the rioting continues.

, it was learnt is being suggested as a back-up host because of the quality of the stadia and .

One Brazilian news website last night claimed the FA had already made a confidential offer.

Neither the FA nor football’s governing body , the organizers of the World Cup however denied the proposal.

More than a million Brazilians have taken to the streets this week in anger at the £25blillion so far spent on constructing stadiums and improving . Much of the nation is in poverty.

Football legend Pele has faced a barrage of criticism by defending his nation’s hosting of the World Cup and many Brazil football stars now support protesters.

Ex- ace Gary Linker recently tweeted,” Hope Brazil will resolve their issues and host the Wod Cup without any problems. Think though, the only way will ever host it again will be by default”.

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