‘ATLANTAGATE’: Dalung Should Apologize to NFF, Siasia, Nigerians, By Abba Yola

Sports Minister Dalung and NFF Boss Pinnick

The Hon Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung has claimed that NFF and Samson Siasia took the U-23 team to Atlanta without his Knowledge/Approval and or Information.

How true is the above statement?

And if it is true, why didn’t he issue a query to the NFF and or direct them to come back home and do their Olympic stuff?

Rather than doing either, he went to address a press conference denouncing an organization and its principal officers that are all UNDER him and even went on to insinuate that they are into Human Trafficking.

Is this how to be a Minister?

Secondly, it is confirmed that the Hon Minister has called Siasia more than 5 times when they were in Atlanta. And here he is saying it is not his if the U-23 is there. “How can it be my problem if somebody decides to take the team to Atlanta in United States of Nigeria?”

Thirdly, what does it matter if by chance or by design the team is in Atlanta where Siasia’s family is residing for as long as the team would have the best of what they want?

And again, if the Hon Minister has denounced his own what is wrong in Siasia calling HE, the Vice President to seek cover. Is this the first time a Coach will make such a call?

As long as it is about Nigeria and its Interest, I don’t think any Nigerian will be wrong to call the number one citizen if his constituency has denied him the right to be heard.

Let us in the name of Fair Play and Justice be honest and sincere in our comments.

Not liking an institution and its leadership does not mean we should allow our sense of judgement to be clouded with sentiments.

We should begin to appreciate in accepting responsibility and make it a standard for those PMB has saddled with leadership responsibilities.

As Mr. Gara Gombe has said let the Hon Minister accept responsibility, issue a retract of that unfortunate interview and finally issue an apology to and politely go and withdraw a statement he made somewhere alleging that the NFF are used to doing that with impunity and that he took that stand to STOP people doing things under him with Impunity. He has no reason to do all these and cannot therefore exonerate himself from blame.

If at the end of the day we find out that it was a misjudgement on our side, I will lead similar minds that have been on the Facebook this past 2 weeks to tender an unreserved apology to the Hon Minister. After all, Mr Gara Gombe has pioneered and shown to the whole world that we can make mistakes, but then we should also give apologies whenever we discover we were WRONG ab initio.

And Finally!

I do not see why the Hon Minister should publicly disown or denounce the NFF and Siasia on an issue that his person and office have been informed long ago.

I stand to be corrected on the above.

God bless our Country and our President. Ameen.

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