Association raises alarm on harmful effects of adulterated fertilisers

The Fertilisers Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria has raised the alarm on the harmful consequences of using adulterated fertilisers in farming.

The Project Manager of the association, Mr Gideon Negedu, raised the alarm while speaking in an interview with newsmen in Lagos on Saturday.

He said that using sub-standard fertilisrs would harm agriculture and also have negative impact on farm lands.

Negedu said that a lack of laws to guide production and sale of fertilisers had resulted to exploitation of local farmers by unscrupulous producers and suppliers of sub-standard fertilisers.

“The problem our farmers have is that they are not protected. Anyone can set up a fertiliser plant or can sell anything to farmers in the name of fertilisers.

“There is at presently, no law that sanctions any company producing sub-standard fertilizers in the country.”

He suggested a speedy enactment of the Fertiliser Quality Control Bill as the solution to the proliferation of adulterated products in the country.

“Enactment of the Fertilizer Quality Control Bill will properly regulate the quality of the product in Nigeria in a way that Nigerian farmers are guaranteed quality of products.

“The bill will put real teeth to the law enforcement agencies to bite erring fertiliser producing plants,” he said.

Appraising the efforts of the Federal Government in supporting the procurement of affordable and quality fertilisers for farmers, Negedu commended the Presidential Fertiliser Initiative (PFI) in aiding farmers.

“In past administrations, farmers were restricted to two bags of fertilisers per planting season, which is ridiculously low.

“However, through the PFI, local farmers are now entitled to as many as eight bags at a discounted fee.

“The PFI with its 11 operational fertiliser plants provides opportunities for farmers to access more fertilisers,” Negedu said.

The presidency had in February last year, inaugurated the PFI in a bid to ensure the production of up to one million metric tonnes of blended Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium  fertilisers for wet season farming.

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