A Failing Country: How And Why President Buhari Lost Grip Of Authority, By Umar Ardo

Judging by the spate of insecurity currently pervading the country, Nigeria can be rightly said to have drifted inexorably into a complete failed state. All over the country, especially in the North, from my home state of Adamawa in the North-east, to Benue in the North-central and to Zamfara in the North-west, kidnappings, killings and bloodlettings of horrifyingly unimaginable proportions have become standard daily occurrences of communities. While internecine genocide, communal killings and banditry are going on in villages and towns unabated, highways have been taken over by armed robbers and kidnappers. Only two days ago, for the fourth time in 6 months, three people were again abducted in my hometown of Kojoli even when the previously kidnapped ones are yet to be released. Since there are no federal or state authorities to turn to, our people are left with no option but to negotiate with the new rulers of the day – kidnapers and bandits – to secure the release of the abducted and to stay safe.

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