2023: Niger Delta Activist, Ann-Kio Briggs makes case for Igbo Presidency

By Harry Awurumibe, Editor, Abuja Bureau

Renowned Niger Delta Activist, Ann-Kio Briggs has advocated for the emergency of a Nigerian President of the South East geo-political zone in 2023, if the mantra of ‘One Nigeria’ is to be taken serious.

The Social Crusader who was a guest of African Independent Television (AIT) breakfast programme Kaakaki on Tuesday said it will amount to injustice if a part of Nigeria that has not produced the President of Nigeria is denied the opportunity to produce one in the next Presidential Election billed for 2023.

According to Briggs who was speaking on the topic: ‘Insecurity: Differences between Niger Delta Militants and Bandits’, the solution to the State of insecurity in Nigeria is to restructure the country to ensure that equity and justice take the center stage.

She argued that restructuring of the country will be the panacea to the multiple problems bedevilling Nigeria, adding that a return to the regional government where each region will control its resources will be the cure for the insecurity in Nigeria.

On the demands of the bandits on the Federal Government to grant them amnesty like previous government did for the Niger Delta militants to stem the tide of incessant killings across Nigeria, Kio- Briggs described their demands as unreasonable.

She categorically said Niger Delta militants case was different from what the bandits are doing, pointing out that while the militants have legitimate demands of being allowed to benefit from the resources from their soil, the bandits have no legitimate demands to make of Nigeria.

She therefore opposed granting of any type of amnesty to the bandits who she claimed are not even Nigerians but “invaders who flooded the country from the northern porous borders”.

Kio-Briggs called for fairness and equity in Nigeria as important steps to addressing the insecurity in Nigeria.

But Adamu Garba, former Presidential aspirant under the umbrella of All Progressives Congress (APC) disagreed with Kio-Briggs on the bandits demands as he is favourably disposed to granting them amnesty.

According to Garba “Sheikh Gumi who took it upon himself to go to the stronghold of the bandits has made public what their demands are and I agree with him that amnesty should be granted to them for peace to reign in Nigeria”.

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