The value of patience cannot be quantified, by Mallam Musa Daud

Mallam Daud
Mallam Daud Musa

Patience is an attribute that anyone with a sense for accomplishment should have. It is however a known fact that patience is not a common commodity. The animal call man is forever in haste!
In our discussion today, let me follow the tradition and begin:

Mallam Musa Daud
Mallam Musa Daud

In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, The Especially Merciful
If you claim Islam as your One necessary virtue or attribute required to rely, depend, hope or trust in Allah, the Almighty God is Patience.
For the issues to be appreciated in today’s Discussion, all you need do is to get hold of any daily newspaper, listen to radio or television and if you are on social media, all that present as news is that of:
Ritual killing
Divorce rate is high, however, in the affairs of a Muslim one promise Allah s.w.t made to you is to reward you for your patience, if not for anything else, a Muslim should keep this promise close to his chest, because as a Muslim, you know for certain that Allah will certainly fulfill His Promise!
The struggle of man whether he hold allegiance to religion or not are legion. In the face of all of the challenges he will encounter-
It requires patience to fight injustice
It requires patience to obey your Creator
It needs patience for a wife to manage her husband
It is a man of patience that can be a married man
It takes patient to learn wisdom at the feet of the elders
To be married and tolerate your co-wives is lots of patience
For the rich and wealthy to sit, dine or worship with the poor require patience
For the poor not to go berserk and destroy the holdings of the rich is patience
It requires a lot of patience to ask for a child up till about 100 and still remain loyal in the worship of One true God, Allah.
Even in the matter of supplication, patience is not left out.
It requires patience to ask, beg, or pray for what you think is most important to you, yet you are yet to get it and not jumping from this true religion to demands patience. In reality, bigger challenge is awaiting you at the next stop if you are not patient.

Desperation is opposite to patience:
We have seen how, because of common election and temporary power, it becomes difficult to identify which Faith some of the contestants for political post belong.
When people are not patient with Almighty, that is when you see them belonging to cult, worshiping idols and they become a people of anything goes.
In Islam, steadfastness is key. History has shown to us that when you are true to Allah, though, test or tribulation may come, the person of Faith and patience usually come victorious.

Evidence From The Scripture:
“Be steadfast in patience; for verily Allah will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish” (11:115)
The statement above when taken in in the realization that it is a revelation from the owner of the heavens and the earth; it become a Command for a Faithful.
However, when you contextualize with the mind of a philosopher, you tend to believe it to be an advice.
My position is: if Allah Commands you and you refused to carry out the Command of your Creator, how will disobedience benefit you?
In the same vein, if Allah advises you and you refused to heed the advice of your Creator, who else is qualified to advise you.
Like the African proverb says: “a dog that is destined to get lost, will not hasten to the whistle of the hunter”.

Consistency should be a way of life for achievers—
“Be steadfast in patience; for verily Allah will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish” (11:115) is a Statement of fact from your Lord that you can take to the Bank. The Bank in this case is the Heaven!
Justice, full justice, unadulterated justice belong to Allah s.wt
If you have ever witness a dispute between a woman that considers she has received unfair treatment from her husband; you can understand what I am talking about. If she is bent on fighting it without been patience, her matter gets all the more complicated.

Advising anyone to fight:
Demonstrations, fighting, anger, destruction of lives and properties have never been known to resolve issues without a great cost.
However, with patience, the patient man is saved from a bricked body to imprisonment.
The essence of life is to know that patience is rewarded by one that ask you to be patient, Allah (Majesty is His)
“Be steadfast in patience; for verily Allah will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish” (11:115)

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