Osun Gov, NLC Demand End To US Blockade On Cuba

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By Innocent Odoh           Governor of Osun State, Mr Rauf Aregbesola, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) among others have intensified call on the United States to end its protracted blockade and stifling sanctions slammed on Cuba.

This call resonated as the thrust of the “NLC Solidarity Day with Cuba,” which was held in Abuja on Thursday with the theme “Strengthening International Struggle against All Forms of Blockade/Isolation against Cub.”

In his remarks Governor Aregbesola, who praised the resilience of Cuba and the enormous contributions it has made in the liberation struggles in Africa and elsewhere, traced the history of the blockade to the intricacies of the Cold War politics in 1962. He however, noted that now that the Cold War is effectively over since 1989, there is therefore no justifiable reason these sanctions against Cuba should remain.

“The United States should have a rethink and remove them in the interest of the peoples and government of both countries. I am now calling on the American Congress to totally lift the sanctions on Cuba,” he said.

Secretary of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Mr Peter Ozo-Eson in his remarks said that despite Cuba being in the most difficult period of encirclement following the sanctions, it made efforts to help other African and Caribbean countries. He stressed that the Labour movement is happy to be in solidarity with Cuba adding that “all these years of blockade, the will of Cuba and the Cuban people has triumphed.”

“We demand a total lift of the sanctions of whatever forms, so that Cuba can take its place forcefully among the comity of nations,” he said.

Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Carlos Trejo Sosa, in his speech, praised Nigeria for its ceaseless support for his country through important actions including the voting of the resolution at the General Assembly of the United Nations demanding the lifting of the immoral obstacle against Cuba. He lamented the stifling impacts of the blockade but expressed optimism that with the support of Nigeria and other African countries, Cuba will continue to press on until the blockade if lifted.

The highpoint of the event was the presentation of birthday card in honour of  the Cuban Revolutionary icon and former leader, Fidel Castro Ruz, who recently marked his 90th birthday.

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