Insurgency: I may ban Hijab – Buhari

Hijab-wearing suicide bomber recently nabbed
Hijab-wearing suicide bomber recently nabbed

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that he would not hesitate to ban the wearing of Hijab should the Boko Haram sect continue to use young girls to detonate Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDS).
He said government would not fold its arms while innocent Nigerians are being killed by hijab-wearing girls.

“The people will have to consider between it (Hijab) and their security.

“Hijab will have to be banned if this continues,” President Buhari said while reacting to a question on whether he would consider banning wearing of hijab.
The Boko Haram insurgents have been using teenage girls lately to carry out deadly attacks in different parts of the north.
The President also spoke on the recent clash between the Nigerian Army and members of the Shiites sect that claimed hundreds of lives.
He said the Iranian President spoke to him about the clash but he assured him that thorough investigation would be conducted into the matter.
However, President Buhari, who frowned at the activities of the sect, said the allegation of large scale killings by troops could not be justified.
He queried a situation where the Shiites have over the years created a ‘state’ within a state’.
Buhari wondered, “How can any group create a state within a state”?
He however hastened to add that he was still awaiting the reports of the inquiry set up by the Kaduna state government and the Nigerian Army.

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