‘Imo Adoration Ground’ As Gov Okorocha’s Legacy Project, By Harry Awurumibe

For some weeks now, the outgoing Governor of Imo State, Governor Rochas Okorocha has literally taken over the media space as he embarked on a strong media blitz to advertise what he claims to be his 8 years Legacy Projects in Imo state. 
   He had spent hundreds of millions of naira on newspapers, radio and television advertisements to showcase his so called projects. He also created his own media propaganda platform called “My Rochas TV”. 
  And just few days ago, the Governor and his “Rescue Mission Government” invited no less a personality than the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo to come for the Official Commissioning of his “Legacy Projects”.    The VP obliged him and the highpoint of the event, according to “My Rochas TV” report which has since gone viral on Social Media, was the commissioning of Akachi Tower and undertaking the tour of ‘Imo Adoration Ground’. 
The vision as explained by Governor Rochas Okorocha is “geared towards uplifting the spiritual consciousness of Christians from around the world who would access the pilgrimage facilities at the centre for the edification of God’s Glory”.
  Aside ‘Imo Adoration Ground’, the Governor and his Guest commissioned what he called ‘Akachi Tower’ even as a closer look at the Legacy Projects” showed that blocks work are still going on at both sites with only 10 days for him to kiss Goodbye to the exalted post of Imo State Governor. 
   Watching him struggling very hard to explain to the VP “how the whole world” will come to Imo State for pilgrimage at the uncompleted sites, one cannot but weep for Ndi Imo who have for 8 years now suffered immensely from Governor Okorocha’s maladministration known by Imolites as “Family-ocracy”.
   Sadly, the much advertised “Commissioning of Legacy Projects” by the Governor did not include the commissioning of industries, roads, hospitals, classrooms, power plants or quality infrastructures that will create jobs for the teeming jobless youths in Imo State. 
This is against the backdrop that Mr. Governor had promised Imolites that he will provide industries where our youths will get jobs during his tenure.
   Any good student of history will remember that Gov. Okorocha was too loud during his second term electioneering campaign in Imo state when he was shouting “Vote for Job! Job!! Job!!!.; Industry! Industry!! Industry!!!. Today, Ndi Imo know better. 
  Imo has never had it so rough since the creation of the state in 1976.   Perhaps, he has realised that he had failed to keep to his first and second terms electoral promises that he has decided to build a place of worship or his so-called ‘Imo Adoration Ground’ with many names of “Jehovah” moulded to a wall for them to come and pray for manner to fall from heaven for them.
  What a deceitful venture in the name of God. Rather than waste Imo State resources on such “Block Projects” that will not benefit average Imolite let him use the fund to pay civil servants and pensioners who are living below poverty line.
  Anyone who is familiar with Imo State particularly Owerri the capital city will attest that the landmark is the Maria Assumpta Catholic Cathedral roundabout connecting Port Harcourt road, Onitsha-Ihiala road and Nworie Bridge. Ndi Imo do not know any other place.
  “Imo Adoration Ground” is not definitely what Ndi Imo need and it will be a tragedy if Governor Okorocha thinks Imo citizens need “spiritual rebirth” rather than Economic Empowerment. 
As an ex- Governor, as he will soon be addressed from May 29, can he in good conscience tell Imolites that he will be coming to Akachi Tower and “Imo Adoration Ground” for pilgrimage as often as he would wish Ndi Imo to do.

Mr Awurumibe, is a public affairs analyst.

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