Democracy: The Battles within the APC, by Lami Ladan

Nigerians are keenly aware of the fact that 2015 is a critical year for our politics. The usual muted complaints have turned into bitter criticisms of APC’s missteps and its leaders, who are seen as the engine behind the crises in the National Assembly’s power tussle for the Senate Presidency and the House Speakership at first, and their yet to be appointed principal officers.

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Indeed, anyone watching can see that our commitment to democracy is as strong as our patience is unusual. All our hopes are now pinned on Buhari. The battle lines are now deep inside the APC, and more than a few are willing to bet that there are factions aligned with Tinubu that are hell bent on controlling the selection process of leaders in the party and in the government.
Nigerians are wiser today and they wonder why then are those aspiring to lead us so unreservedly clueless? Why do they take our commitment to democracy as a weakness? Why do they think that for them compromise is a failure rather than a win for all.
Nigerians also know that it is the consequence of our bankrupt leadership and the endemic corruption that thrusted Jonathan upon a clueless nation, and which is now very unlikely that such miscalculation and blindness in incompetence will ever happen again.
There is no one in the National Assembly today that has done any unrepairable damage to the APC. And there is no leader in the APC who is with any sinister agenda to install Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara as leaders of the 8th Assembly. These two leaders used their political sagacity and goodwill to contest and win the positions they hold today.
The Only person who should be viewed with a thankful eye is the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, who is working tirelessly to bring sanity and accommodation around the leadership crises in the NASS. He understands politics as interplay of give-take; where individuals will win sometimes and they will lose sometimes; but always ensuring that the majority of Nigerians are always the winners.
I must remind all that the PDP has no right to speak ill of the APC over the NASS crises, or any power tussle for that matter. Lest they forget, the PDP must be reminded of their own debacle with Patricia Oteh and Dimeji Bankole.
“The PDP wanted to impose a speaker on the House, it was this that the House Members roundly turned down, and instead of pandering to the vested interest of the PDP, with all its grandstanding then, the House decided that, to resign to fate is to be crippled fast, hence, they took their destinies in their hands and collectively voted en masse for Dimeji Bankole to lead them. This of course did not go down well with party, who saw this as an affront on its orders. The PDP would have preferred a puppet and stooge, to the urbane, cerebral and people-oriented Dimeji Bankole. It is in this regard that, Ahmadu Ali, who suffers from not only verbal diarrhea, but misplaced aggression, reacted in a barbaric manner and asked the Speaker to leave the venue of the NEC meeting of PDP”
Now, the APC is crossing the same bridge and there are those within the party that are bent on making the APC cater to their whims and caprices, so that their surrogates are put in various positions in the party. This of course, is to give them unfettered ability to arbitrarily control the levers of power, as well as those in power, as a way of covering their ugly past.
It is no longer news that the elections of the new President of the Nigerian Senate and Speaker of the House of Reps, has generated a lot of debate both within and outside Nigeria. Most of the reactions have been that of utter disbelief, cynicism, regrets; and maybe even despair in the case of those offshore diasporans who are not partisan or part of the Government. But suffice to say that there is no ventriloquistic hand behind Saraki or Dogara that is busy trying to tame Tinubu.
It is only fair to state that Atiku is working hard to bring peace and harmony back into the APC and Tinubu is a sagacious politician who must identify the writing on the wall and admit that the people’s business has been done at the NASS as far as leadership is concerned.

Lami Ladan, writes from 17, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate Abuja.

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