Cleric emphasises on sound planning to achieve success

A cleric, Fred Odekhian,  on Sunday, urged the faithful to engage in serious planning of their daily schedules to achieve remarkable successes in 2019 and beyond.

The News Agency of Nigeria( NAN)  reports that Odekhian is an Assistant Provincial Pastor with  the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Court of His Majesty parish , Abesan in Ipaja area of Lagos State.

The cleric during his sermon said that people should cultivate the habit of planning because without it success would be difficult to achieve.

He said that adequate planning with fervent  prayers would yield outstanding results.

Odekhian said  that people should not associate with unhappy and unapologetic relationships, people with questionable characters, and toxic indulgences among other vices.

‘‘We must all go to God in prayers to build structures that are dependable and transferable.

‘‘To achieve great and remarkable success this new year, we must engage in serious planning and not approach our days with lackadaisical attitude.

‘‘Run away from every toxic relationship; embrace individuals who can affect your lives positively.

‘‘Do not engage in frivolities, but  take your destinies in your own hands because life is a serious business.

‘‘Good planning backed up with prayers will yield outstanding success,” he said.

He urged everyone to desist from every form of immorality like drunkenness, adultery, fornication, stealing, anger, strife, envy, selfishness and pride.

‘‘See people as the image of God to be able to treat them well, ignore every form of immortality and you will be a better person,” he said.

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