Adopt 1963 constitution for National Rebirth – Gender Activists, Essiets urges FG

By Debo Omilani

The federal government  has  been urged to  adopt the 1960 – 1963 Constitution to help pave way for a national rebirth, more assured path to political stability and faster socio- economic development.
This position was made known on Sunday by the National Director, Women, Gender and Development Affairs of African Youths for Development Commission, Abiodun Essiet during a Students Leadership on Campus Summit at Federal University of Technology, Minna.
The program tagged “The Next Generation Leadership – Navigating The Future” was organized by Aid-Oriented Initiatives in conjunction with Students Union Government (SUG) FUT Minna, Niger State.
Essiet who is also a Fellow, Women Leadership Research Centre (COADY international Institute) said in her lecture that the system of government adopted by the government would continue to exploit natural resources to enrich the ruling class at the expense of the people mostly the youths of the country.
“Restructuring Nigeria’s present governance architecture by returning to the provisions of its 1960 and 1963 constitutional arrangements will not only help the emergence of a leadership that will pave the way for a national rebirth, but will also put the country on a more assured path to political stability and faster socio- economic development.
According to her, the type of governance and leadership structure we are practicing in Nigeria create opportunities for emergence of young leaders in the country.” The next generation leaders need to know have a good knowledge on these issues because they are a big threat to the unity and existence of Nigeria if not well managed by our leaders .
Essiet said it is high time President Buhari adopt the constitution that would built a common citizens through economy and equal opportunities for the people’s welfare from the grassroots.”As a consequence, the citizen is not motivated to support the state and society, because he or she does not feel that the society is adequately concerned about their welfare.  Also socio-economic inequalities across the country fuels fears and suspicious which keep our people divided.
“Not to enjoy these socio-economic rights means that the people involved are marginalized from national life.  In Nigeria, however, not only are many of our citizens denied basic rights such as the right to education and health, there is also serious variation in the enjoyment of these rights across the country, she advised the federal government build Nigeria through adequate development of the economy and equal opportunities for all.” through the development of social welfare safety nets, mature nations try to establish a base-line of social and economic rights which all members of the national community must enjoy.
While charging the  Nigerian’s youths, She urged them to initiate the social movement to bring the desired change we need in our country.”Re-organizing  themselves as force of think tanks that will be responsible for drawing up policies, programs, development map, campaign manifestos, charters and how to scale all the barriers the old men have set for them,
Essiets further that  the Nigerians youths should as a matter of fact convoke a National Youth Conference where the movement can start and send a big signal to the whole world that the Nigerians youths have resolved to come together to take the future now. 
“Nations are built by men and women who have the will and vision to accomplish greatness, not for themselves, their immediate families and friends, but for their country.  I believe that if we can find the will to offer such a leadership, and support it by strong and dependable political and economic institutions, we will find a way to our national greatness, she advised

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